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831(b) Private Reinsurance

Volume Discount Charitable Donations

Structured Ownership Program (SOP)

Leveraged Ownership Series

A business owner purchases new insurance policies to protect against underinsured or uninsured risks. The risk is re-insured with (premiums transferred to) the client’s new private re-insurance company that makes an 831(b) election. The premiums paid are tax deductible and the money earned in their re-insurance company is taxed at qualified dividends (or offset with an S.O.P. or MDCD)


-$700k+ of Business Gross Revenue

-$100k+ Annual Paid Premium Contribution

Clients participate in a charitable donation that uses the actual cash value of an asset that was purchased with a volume discount. For example, a piece of real estate purchased with a volume discount can be donated at the current market value, and results in a multiplier effect of the purchase vs donation (ie 1:5 meaning the land was purchased for $1 and donated with a value of $5). The multiplier effect results in a charitable donation at 1:5 times the amount of capital outlay. ($20k purchase would provide a $100k charitable donation) There are multiple charitable donation programs that are available. Maximum Deduction is 30% of adjusted gross income.


-$300k+ of Taxable Income

-Business Income

-Capital Gains

-W2 income

A Structured Ownership Program (SOP) is a sophisticated tax strategy designed for individuals and businesses to offset earned income or capital gains during any tax year. The core principle of this program is the establishment of a Series LLC, to which the client makes a capital contribution. This capital contribution can be leveraged to mitigate the tax implications of other income sources.


-$800k+ in ordinary income

-$1M+ in capital gains income

-High Income, Large Liquidity Events (Sale of Business, Property Sale, Asset Sale, Qualified Retirement plan distribution)

-~$100k minimum capital contribution

This restricted-access opportunity uses a specially designed LLC to leverage Capital Contributions into a negative K-1 many times as large as the initial contribution. Due to the unique design of the LLC operations, and the effect of special allocations under the tax code, this negative K-1 can be used to offset both ordinary income and long-term capital gains. Book an appointment today for a detailed presentation.


What are your fees?

Our fees vary depending on the level of service you require. We offer a variety of fee structures, including hourly rates, asset-based fees, and retainer fees. We will discuss our fee structure with you in detail before we begin working together.

What are your investment strategies?

We use a variety of investment strategies, depending on our clients' individual needs and goals. We may invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and other investment products. We also use a variety of risk management strategies to help protect our clients' investments.

How often will you communicate with me?

We will communicate with you as often as you need or want. We hold regular meetings with our clients to review their portfolios and make adjustments as needed. We also provide our clients with regular market updates and investment insights.